Baby Diapers Raw Material

Manufacturers of Baby Diapers Can Use Three Reclaimed Products From Recyc PHP

  • FCB-M85PNS – Polyacrylate-free fluff pulp
  • FCB-M85P – 1st grade fluff pulp with sodium polyacrylate
  • SAG-A06P or SAG-B06P – Sodium polyacrylate reclaimed from adult incontinence product and baby diapers.

The polyacrylate free fluff pulp reclaimed by Recyc PHP (product number FCB-M85PNS) is among the purest fibers on the market. They contain a very small number of fine particles and contaminants (traces of residual sodium polyacrylate and plastic films). These fibers are particularly useful in baby diapers manufacturing when a perfect distribution of sodium polyacrylate is required.

The 1st grade fluff pulp (product number FCB-M85P) contains about 15% of sodium polyacrylate, which reduces the need for virgin sodium polyacrylate in baby diapers manufacturing.

The reclaimed sodium polyacrylate grades SAG-A06P and SAG-B06P can be used in the baby diaper manufacturing. These materials meet the high standards of baby diapers manufacturers (Clean materials, few fine particles and the same handling formats as the virgin materials)

Benefits In Using Recyc PHP’s Reclaimed Materials

  • Ability to manufacture products on par with those produced with virgin material
  • Reduces the energy needed to shredder the pulp (since it is sold in bales)
  • Reduces raw material costs
  • Reduces your company’s ecological footprint and earns carbon credits (where the law permits)

About Recyc PHP

Since 2006, Recyc PHP Inc. has specialized in recycling industrial rejects of personal hygiene products (baby diapers, adult incontinence briefs or feminine hygiene pads) in order to separate their components into fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) and plastic films. The plant, located in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, export products around the world from the Port of Montreal.

Materials used
1st grade cellulose fibers
1st grade cellulose fibers with SAP
Reclaimed sodium polyacrylate

Sectors of usage

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