Company Business Activities

Recycling of Rejected Products (Fluff Pulp, Super Absorbent Polymers, Plastic Films)

Recyc PHP Inc. (Personal Hygiene Products) is a Drummondville company that specializes in the recycling of industrial rejects from personal hygiene products (adult incontinence briefs or baby diapers). We separate this waste into fluff pulp (cellulosic fibres), super absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) and plastic films. Recyc PHP works in partnership with customers and contractors to develop new products and liquid absorption solutions. We want to become the partner of choice for inventive solution development and be recognized for our environmental performances. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our materials and solutions.

Operations Summary

We receive raw materials from our suppliers in bales. After, these bales are placed in an unpacker using a forklift. The materials that come out of the unpacker goes through a metal detector and then are cut in the cutting unit and then transported to the separators, which separate the fluff pulp, the super-absorbent polymers and the plastic films. The plastic is baled and sold to companies specializing in the manufacturing of plastic parts.

Then, the super absorbent polymers are separated from the fibres in another type of separator. The fluff pulp is baled for resale to remake baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, non-woven airlaid type or new materials.

Finaly, super absorbent polymer particles are cleaned to remove impurities and are sold in different formats. These polymers can be used in various areas as described on our website.

Several dust collectors maintain a clean working environment.

Recyc PHP

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Recipient of the “Cœur Vert” (Green Heart) in 2012.

Recipient of the “Prix Reconnaissance CAE Drummond” in 2016.