2013-2017 Sustainable Development Plan

In 2013, a “business” life-cycle analysis showed that Recyc PHP’s production activities have very little environmental impact. However, raw material and finished goods transportation count for 92 % of our emissions of greenhouse gases.

Recyc PHP takes concrete action to reduce its environmental footprint:

  • Transport
    Promoting rail transport where possible and develop local markets to reduce transport activities.
  • Production activities
    We reduce waste from our production activities.
  • Plant Heating
    The electrical heating units were installed to reduce the use of natural gas.
  • Another waste management
    Establish packaging film recovery system and broken wooden pallets. Recyc PHP participates in the lookup table of the city of Drummondville on this topic.

The Sustainable Community of Solutions Will

Recyc PHP is proud to be part of the Sustainable Community Solution that target to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), powered by Solutions Will. By selling our carbon credits, our company successfully monetized our GHG reduction measures by taking concrete action.

Learn more about the company

We invite you to visit the Business activities page and the Corporate history page to know more about our company, which treats industrial waste.