Recyc PHP has given itself the mission to recycle effectively industrial rejects of personal hygiene products and develop innovative markets for its products. We are committed to continue our mission by adhering to our values.

Company Values

At Recyc PHP, the values of respect, commitment and innovation allow us to create a pleasant and stimulating work environment. Here’s the importance of these values for us.


We attribute our success  to our tight and respectful relations established with

our employees, customers, suppliers and financial partners.  These privileged relations are important and we strive to maintain them healthy and pleasant.

The development of the company is also done by respecting the environment and reducing our environmental footprint.  We encourage the ecological gestures of our employees and partners and we consume our resources in an efficient manner.

Finally, we are respectful of all laws and norms applicable in Quebec to ensure to all stakeholders that Recyc PHP is a reputable company.


It is the commitment of all members of Recyc PHP’s team that allows us to move forward, to respect our promises and innovate constantly.

The company is committed to maintain a safe work environment and to help employees in their professional development.  In return, we are looking for autonomous, responsible and motivated  employees to be part of an efficient and effective team.

The company is committed to its customers to provide quality products that meet their expectations and provide them with an impeccable service.

Finally, the company is committed to be a model of integrity in all its actions, with all its partners.


Innovation is the value that allows the longevity of a company like Recyc PHP.  Every day, we take actions to increase our productivity, improve our level of quality, maintain a safe working environment and reduce our environmental footprint.

We are dedicated to creating new products to enhance our materials. We believe in the presence of the partnerships to multiply the forces so that all parties have a winning solutions developed from our materials.