Lightweight Litter Manufacturer by Recyc PHP

Recyc PHP can be a lightweight litter manufacturer. We developed a method for making absorbent pellets which are particularly suitable for use as high performance recycling litter. Indeed, the materials used for the production of pellets are the same as those used for manufacturing diapers, which are cellulose fibers and sodium polyacrylate, a super absorbent polymer that absorbs 40 times its weight in urine. So, our recycling litter better absorbs urine and better control odor than most other litter.

Recyc PHP manufactures litter according to the specifications of its wholesale customers. We can do our basic materials and add different components to it.

  • Better absorption
  • Superior odor control
  • Better bacterial control
  • Specific pathogen detection

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About Recyc PHP

Recyc PHP Inc. specializes, since 2006, in the recycling of industrial rejects of personal hygiene products (rejects from baby diapers, adult incontinence brief or feminine hygiene pad manufacturers) in order to separate their components which are fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) and plastic films. The plant located in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada exports its products all around the world thanks to its proximity to the Montreal Port.

Material used

ADD-M85P pellets

Utilisation sector


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