Product specification sheet


First Grade Fluff Pulp Low Absorbent Content


First grade fluff pulp with a low percentage of super-absorbent polymers are recovered from industrial rejects of personal hygiene products such as adult incontinence briefs, baby diapers, and sanitary napkins, then clean to remove almost all the sodium polyacrylate present in the fibers.

Specifications of Fluff Pulp Low Absorbent

  • Brightness 80 – 90 %
  • Average fiber length 2.5 – 3.0 mm
  • Network strength 5.5 – 6.5 N
  • Absorption time 3.5 – 5.0 sec
  • Absorption capacity 9.5 – 10.5 g/g
  • Contains fewer than 2 % of sodium polyacrylate
  • Contains fewer than 1 % plastic particles or elastics
  • Contains fewer short fibers and dust than other recycled fibers
  • Bales are protected with plastic bags to avoid any contamination
  • HS Classification code of the fluff pulp: 4706.20.0000

Weight and Bale Sizes

average of 190 kg (420 lb)
810 mm x 910 mm x 1.5 m long (32 in x 36 in x 60 in long). Length can be adjusted.

Possible Usage

The first grade fluff pulp has the same properties as the virgin fibers, therefore can be used again in the production of personal hygiene products.  This grade with a low percentage of super-absorbent will produce a better quality product than the other grades due to the low and constant sodium polyacrylate dosage.  These fibers can also be used in the production of non-woven “airlaid” type, production of tissue paper, production of new materials like bio-composite and as an insulating material.

Shipping Information

12 metric tons in a 40 feet “high cube” container
17 metric tons in a 53-foot trailer

Our plant is located at Drummondville, Quebec, which is at 100 km from the Montreal Port.