Airlaid Manufacturing With Recyc PHP’s Reclaimed Material

Airlaid manufacturing requires high purity raw materials because the process demands very precise inputs. Recyc PHP recycles fluff pulp and sodium polyacrylate to meet the needs of this process.

The fibers recycled by Recyc PHP contain very little particles of fine contaminants (residual traces of sodium polyacrylate and traces of plastic films) compared to other recycled fibers on the market.

Our recycled sodium polyacrylate is very clean, contains very little fine particles and can be handled in the same formats as virgin material (in super-bags of 1000 kg).

Advantages in Using Recyc PHP’s Recycled Products

  • Great quality finished product
  • Reduction of energy used for paper defibering (sold in bales). In fact, virgin pulp in paper demand over 75 kW to be fluff compared to 5 kw for recycled fibers sold in bundles.
  • Reduction in raw material costs
  • Reduction of your products ecological footprint and the possibility to reclaim carbon credits (where law is applied)

Materials Used in the Manufacturing of Non-woven Airlaid

  • FCB-M85PNS 1st grade fluff pulp without sodium polyacrylate
  • SAG-M85P Reclaimed sodium polyacrylate

About Recyc PHP

Since 2006, Recyc PHP Inc. has specialized in recycling industrial rejects of personal hygiene products (baby diapers, adult incontinence briefs or feminine hygiene pads) in order to separate their components into fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) and plastic films. The plant, located in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, exports its products all around the world thanks to its proximity to the Port of Montreal.

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