Tissue Paper Production With Recyc PHP’s Reclaimed Materials

Historically, reclaimed cellulose fibers from recycled hygiene products could not be used in the pulp and paper industry due to high residual amounts of sodium polyacrylate which reacts with water used in the papermaking process. Studies by the college of technology transfer center Innofibres (www.innofibres.ca) demonstrate that new cellulose fibers produced by Recyc PHP contain only traces of sodium polyacrylate, and can therefore be used in tissue paper making. Sodium polyacrylate residues even help the absorption performance of the tissue paper.

Benefits in Using Recyc PHP’s Reclaimed Fibers

  • Long white fibers
  • Consistent quality
  • Reduces raw material costs
  • Reduces ecological footprint of your company and allows for carbon credit recuperation (where law permits)

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About Recyc PHP

Since 2006, Recyc PHP Inc. has specialized in recycling industrial rejects of personal hygiene products (baby diapers, adult incontinence briefs or feminine hygiene pads) in order to separate their components into fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) and plastic films. The plant, located in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, export products around the world from the Port of Montreal.

Material used
FCB-M85PNS – polyacrylate free fluff pulp

Utilisation sector

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