Usage of Sodium Polyacrylate in Transportation

Aircraft, bus, ship and train

Problem Description

In all the transports (aircraft, bus, ship and train), the disposal of unconsumed refreshments are done by storing it in a specially designed tank. However, many problems – time, money and customer experience – remain with this method:

  • Sinks often clog due to the combination of milk and wine mixed with coffee beans residues
  • Tanks can become full during long travel
  • Dual heat exchanger can become blocked
  • Travel delay make necessary repairs to unclog equipment

Our Solution

Recyc PHP has developed an innovative solution for the management of liquid waste in the area of transport. Instead of pouring waste in the tank or in the lavatory, the liquid is put in an absorbent box which contains a plastic bag and a water-soluble pouch filled with reclaimed sodium polyacrylate, a super absorbent polymer that absorbs and solidifies up to 150 times its weight of water.

We have a solution for the liquid waste management.

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