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Recyc PHP appears in the September 2016 CoeffiScience newsletter called Le Catalyseur.

CoeffiScience is a non-profit organization (NPO) administered by business, labor and government partners. They have a mission to develop the workforce of the chemical industry, petrochemical, refining and gas.

Recyc PHP works for the treatment and the recovery of industrial waste hygiene products, so with the recycling of chemical materials. This is why the organism has approached us to appear in their newsletter. So we wrote an article to inform their readers about our business area activity. This is an excellent visibility for our company.

In this article, it is mainly question of sodium polyacrylate (a super-absorbent material) and the answer to a liquid waste management problem.

To learn more

Find out more about the subject by reading the article of The Catalytic Vol. 9 #2 September 2016 (in french only).

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