Recyc PHP

Recyc PHP asked the Centre National en électrochimie et en Technologies Environnementales (CNETE) to test the absorption rate of sodium polyacrylate on various domestic fluids. Here are the results:

Absorption of edible domestic liquids:

  • Beer: 77 g/g
  • Sparkling water: 125 g/g
  • Orange juice: 80 g/g
  • Lemon juice: 11 g/g
  • Tomato juice: 77 g/g
  • Milk: 52 g/g
  • Wine: 38 g/g
  • Vinegar: 20 g/g

Absorption of domestic liquids of common use:

  • Ammonia, acetone and alcohol isopropanol: unsatisfactory – SAP passes through filter
  • Cleaner: no reaction
  • Bleach: 18 g/g
  • Painting in oil: results inconclusive. The viscosity of the paint prevents a good passage through the filter. Absorption is noticed on the SAP but it is less important. It should be noted that there is a loss of SAP due to the paint and its consistency.
  • Water-based paint: 45 g/g
  • Dishwashing soap: 45 g/g. The dishwashing soap has a high viscosity which then creates inability to thoroughly pass through the filter and leave only the SAP on it. Results inconclusive visually. The result is estimated.
  • Varnish 13 g/g. With the varnish, the SAP seeks to agglomerate together more than other products.

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