Product specification sheet


SAG-M06L Sodium Polyacrylate From Adults Incontinence Briefs


White granulated particles sodium polyacrylate reclaimed from a mix of industrial rejects of adult incontinence briefs and adult light incontinence products. This coarse-grained material is ideal for flood management applications and leak management.


Particles sizes:
0 % larger than 1200 microns                                     4 % between 600 and 1200 microns
60,0 % between 300 and 600 microns                      Less than 5 between 150 and 300 microns
Trace between 75 and 150 microns                          0 % smaller than 75 microns

Distilled water absorption capacity: 300 g/g
Absorption solution of 0,9 % NaCl under 0,3 psi pressure: 20 g/g
Absorption solution of 0,9 % NaCl under 0,7 psi pressure: 14 g/g
Absorption capacity of water containing 0,9 % NaCl: 40 g/g
Absorption after passing through the centrifuge: 250 G: 30 g/g
Moisture: 2 %

Impurities: traces of white elastics and fluff
Odor: Generally odorless, but can sometimes contain baby powder fragrance. Please specify when ordered if you don’t want any fragrance.

Specifications of virgin material
pH: 4,9 – 6,5
Insoluble, swelling effect (20oC)
Fusion point > 390oF. No fire hazards are associated with sodium polyacrylate
Sodium polyacrylate is not classified as a hazardous product under transportation regulations (ADR RID ADNR IMGD/GGV see ICAO/IATA)
Bulk density: 600-700 kg/m³

HS Classification code of the sodium polyacrylate: 3906-90-5000

Shipping information

FTL or LTL. Sold in 20 kg bags, 180 kg barrels or 1,000 kg super bags.
Our factory is well located 100 km from Montreal Port.