Product specification sheet


ADT-0404 Short Water-absorbing Socks of 5 L


Polyester sock filled with absorbent pellets developed to rapidly absorb 25 times its weight in water.

Form and dimensions

Tubular 10 cm diameter (4 inches) x 120 cm long (4 feet)


  • Each sock contains 300 grams of absorbent pellets which absorbs 5 L of pure water or 3 L of salted water
  • One case contains enough material to absorb 250 L of pure water


50 socks per case of 40 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm high (16 in x 24 in x 16 in high)
Weight per case 15 kg
20 cases per skid, weight per skid  315 kg

Shipping information

Per case or per skid.