Product specification sheet


Long Sock Absorbs 15 L of Water


Polyester sock filled with absorbent pellets developed to rapidly absorb 25 times its weight in water.

Form and Dimensions

Tubular 10 cm diameter (4 inches) by 360 cm long (12 feet)


  • Each sock contains 1 kg of absorbant pellets which absorbs 15 L of pure water or 9 L of salted water
  • One case contains enough material to absorb 300 L of pure water


20 socks per case of 40 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm high (16 in x 24 in x 16 in high)
Weight per case of 20 kg
20 cases per skid, weight per skid 415 kg

Shipping Information

Per case or per skid.